IASUS Concepts 500K headset


You might not have heard of IASUS Concepts before, but that’s because they operate mainly in the military marketplace. Well, guess the executive board decided that there’s also money to be made on the civilian front, offering their 500K headset which will target iPhone and BlackBerry power users, boasting a Special Ops look that will make you stand out from the crowd. These earpreces will be the first of its kind to feature an acoustic coil where the mobile platform is concerned, channeling sound through the mentioned acoustic earpiece which will fit comfortably in the ear without causing any discomfort even after a long period of time. It will even feel seemingly weightless, and features an answer button that also controls music playback for iPhones. You can choose from black or clear acoustic coil colors, where the 500K will retail for $100 with a 2-year warranty.

Source: Gizmag