Drive Anywhere You’d Like with the IPSE

by Mark R

ipse-by-jeongche-yoon-thumb-550x352-20924This next device is, without question, still a concept. However, it is not one that I want to see made into a reality, unless motorists want to increase the number of accidents.

The IPSE (my source does not tell me what this is an acronym for, or if it is an acronym at all) is sort of a “virtual windshield” that can scan outside objects, and then “translates [them] into virtual objects and living things”. You will note that the setting in the photo is “Underwater World”.

A driver in Underwater World will see other vehicles as sea creatures. I wonder what they will see for the road, a channel? I believe there is a setting for “Natural Forest” so the driver doesn’t see cars or asphalt, but beautiful natural surroundings.

Surely this technology is just plain unsafe. You think your car has a blind spot now, just wait until all of your car is completely cut off from the real world. This technology does remind me of an episode of Sliders where Quinn and his alternate reality gang go to an Earth that has perfected its virtual technology. On that episode, everyone wore VR goggles and would see what he or she wanted to see.

I do give designers Jeongche Yoon and Hoyoung Kihl points for originality and trying to make something mundane like driving a bit more fun. Still, I think that IPSE technology best belongs in amusement parks rather than the real world.


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