Logitech unveils quartet of multimedia speakers



Logitech is an old hand when it comes to building computer speakers, and this time round they’re back yet again with a quartet of systems that boast the unique 360-Degree Sound feature, comprising of the Logitech Speaker System Z320, Logitech Speaker System Z323, Logitech Speaker System Z520 and the Logitech Speaker System Z523. These new systems will work great regardless of whether you’re working on a desktop computer or a notebook of Mac and Windows varieties, as the 360-Degree Sound feature (better known as omnidirectional acoustics) are able to create a substantially wider sweet spot which comes in handy if you often move your computer all over the place, where the speaker drivers will face forward and backwards in each satellite, being capable of transmitting sound more consistently over a wider range of space for you to enjoy your music to the maximum regardless of where you are in the room.

Both the Logitech Speaker System Z523 and Logitech Speaker System Z323 are 2.1 Speakers Systems, where the former comes with a couple of sleek satellites and a 6.5″ down-firing subwoofer, capable of delivering deep lows for rich bass which you can literally feel. It pumps out 40 watts (RMS) of power, turning your small apartment into one thumping party in an instant. Convenient on-speaker controls allow you to turn down the volume in a jiffy should your neighbors start to feel irate. As for the Logitech Speaker System Z323, this 30 watts (RMS) of power speakers come with a ported, down-firing subwoofer, where both speaker systems will be equipped with an integrated dual RCA jack and a 3.5mm jack.

As for the Logitech Speaker System Z520 and Logitech Speaker System Z320, these are stylish enough to fill a room with decent audio even when you don’t have enough space in your cramped apartment for a subwoofer. The former will boast an amplified two-way design and 26 watts (RMS) of power, making them suitable for notebooks while the latter can be plugged in virtually anywhere you work with 10 watts (RMS) of sound. You can pick up the Logitech Speaker System Z320, Logitech Speaker System Z323 for $69.99 in August and September respectively, while the Logitech Speaker System Z523 will arrive this month for $99.99 a pop with the Logitech Speaker System Z520 going for $129.99.

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