Ript Fusion Undershirt

by Mark R

ript_520x333The other day, I happen to notice that the sides of my body are getting flabby. You might not be able to tell when I am wearing a shirt, but these side fat folds are clearly visible if I’m in my bathing suit.

Fortunately, technology is here to help me. The Ript Fusion undershirt has material made of polyester and spandex blend that can somehow compress my flab into some nicely sculpted abs.

The rest of the shirt is made of cotton, and I am not certain how well this works. I believe that most health experts will say that no technology of any kind is a substitute for diet and exercise.

Yeah, I have my doubts whether this thing will work. Maybe the truth is that the Ript isn’t supposed to make you into the physique of Charles Atlas, but just make you look that way. It does look like the undershirt that Bruce Willis wore in the first Die Hard movie. Actually, I think he wore a tank top, and I can’t remember if he had a good physique in that movie.

Well, if you are willing to try something a little different, then you should be able to purchase it at Ript Fusion from their website in two styles: the Men’s Crew Neck and Men’s V-Neck.


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