The R2-Q5 USB Hub


I have already come across R2-D2 USB hub, which is extremely similar to this one.  However, if you’re looking for a slightly less obvious Star Wars accessory, then you might enjoy this one.  It’s the R2-Q5 USB Hub.  It’s pretty much the same as R2-D2, only it has a slightly darker paint job added to it.  Which could make it appeal to those that are tired of all of the bright white gadgets out there.  Plus you can only own so many R2-D2 products before you need to branch out to other droids.

The hub has a total of 4 different ports directly on the front of his little body.  He then has a cord that sticks out the back to make it possible to plug it into your computer.  Sadly, just like the original R2-D2 USB hub, the R2-Q5 is only being sold in Japan.  Hopefully someday all of the Star Wars themed hubs will make their way towards the rest of the world.  Until then though, you’d have to find a way to have it shipped outside of Japan.  You can purchase the hub for about $76.

Source: GeekyGadgets