DSS Co. Ltd. can track those pesky employees

by Mark R

lgirn89231-thumb-465x319-20815Okay, let’s say that you are the Big Boss of a huge corporation. The bigger your company gets, the harder it is to keep track of your employees. Unless you call DSS Co. Ltd. and go from Big Boss to Big Brother.

Yes, this Japanese company will give your company an intense tracking system that includes a tiny video camera that can be attached to the chest pockets of your minions, I mean, workers.

Also included in the surveillance package are ankle sensors, just like the kinds used in house arrests! These ankle bracelets have “milestone” sensor points that can track how long a worker has been in a certain area. For some reason, DSS gets a high amount of readings around the coffee machine, copier, and the water cooler.

So, after two days, you can watch hours and hours worth of footage of your employees and their wasteful behavior. Actually, if the employees are smart, they will give you, the Boss, the best show ever! That is, if they don’t quit because of some issue about rights and invasion and privacy.

This two-day collection program can be yours for just 980,000 yen ($10,434). Man, you better have some efficiency plan in order to spend this kind of money for this.


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