Nintendo soon to be releasing black Wii

by Ally


Nintendo is releasing a whole new Wii, it’s far far different than the old Wii.  This one is shiny, new and all black.  None of that bright white will be featured on this Wii, it’s gotten a bit of a makeover.  They’re probably trying to make it appeal to the hardcore gamers, because everyone knows jet black consoles are far cooler.  There’s probably some scientific reason behind it, I hear even the Xbox plays better when it’s painted black.

Alright, so that’s all bull, but you have to admit, the Wii is looking pretty good covered in all black.  Not that the pearly white didn’t look good, but it’s a refreshing change.  This black console is being released in Japan actually, as of the first of August.  They had mentioned they would eventually be releasing this black console, but now that it’s getting closer they’re showing off the new packaging. There isn’t a release date for the rest of the world though.  Actually, they aren’t really saying much of anything about whether or not they’ll ever release it so that the rest of us can buy one too.

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Phil Says: July 16, 2009 at 1:11 am

Question, if they do release this black wii how is all the game saves and virtual console downloads going to be transfered, pretty much every wifi game that is saved on my wii cannot move to an SD card so how can i move it to a new wii if i get one?

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