by Mark R

accelegloveSome of you might be too young to remember when the Nintendo Entertainment System tried to sell the world the Power Glove. I guess they thought people would want to wear something on their arm and look like a cyborg, but it didn’t sell that well, even with the not-so-subliminal ad in the movie The Wizard.

I believe that the Power Glove was one of the first attempts at motion control for video games, but motion control has made some leaps and bounds quite recently. A company known as AthroTronix has recently made some interesting motion control advancements with the Acceleglove.

The Acceleglove isn’t designed for video game entertainment, but it is more for robotics. You can watch the YouTube video after the jump if you want to see a “hands-on” demonstration.

As you might have seen, that freaky looking robot arm moved as the user flexed his fingers. It didn’t take a lot of flexing to make it move in its preprogrammed direction either.

The Acceleglove works out-of-the-box, and comes with open source SDK so the user will be able to connect it to anything that he or she wants. Perhaps Nintendo needs to adopt the Acceleglove to make Power Glove 2.0. Maybe they should use it as a control for R.O.B., the Robot Operating Buddy from the NES Deluxe Set.


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