Watch Phone with built-in camera

by Ally


Phones are just about all the same thing over and over.  Yes, the high end phones have some cool features, but it’s the same type feel.  Not many really shake things up and make an attempt to really change things up.  This watch could never be defined as classy and it’s definitely not going to have as cool of features as your iPhone, but at least it is a little different from the rest.

No, I’d probably never rush out and purchase one, but you have to appreciate the manufacturers that don’t just release the same thing over and over.  This phone has a built in 1.3MP camera along with being able to tell the time.  Alright, so it being able to tell the time is a pretty obvious function.  It also has an FM radio, Bluetooth, an MP3 player and a 1.3-inch touch screen.  You can purchase it for $137.70 from i-Pmart.  It does ship clear from China though, so you can expect it to come with some hefty shipping fees.

Source: Coolbuzz

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