GPGPU Technology and the ATI Radeon 4670 arrives on the Studio XPS 16


studio-xps-16The Dell Studio XPS 16 is one of the better entertainment notebooks around these days, and it has recently gotten better thanks to the inclusion of a new graphics option in the form of the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 1GB as long as you are willing to drop another Benjamin to the total purchase price. With such a powerful graphics card for notebooks, you can definitely bring your gaming with you although you’d do well to keep a keen eye out for power outlets. In addition, GPGPU technology will allow specially written software to repurpose the GPU to perform other parallel processing tasks traditionally handled by the CPU. In essence, you can get even more work done within a specific time period such as working on a Word document while GPGPU technology quietly works in the background on on other processor-intensive activities such as encoding media, handling natural interface movements like facial recognition and gesturing, and the ilk.

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