Sanyo Repoch DVR and iV Recorder

sanyodvr1It’s time to enter a new epoch of Repoch! Sanyo doesn’t use that slogan to sell their new DVR, but they really should. All right, they probably shouldn’t, but you have to admit, it is a cool rhyme.

Actually, the Sanyo Repoch is not only a DVR that has both an analog and digital TV tuner, but it is also an iVR (Information Versatile Disk). The iVR slot has a place for 320 gigabyte HDD cartridges, and comes with one 160 gigabyte iVDR cartridge.

There are connectivity options that include an Ethernet connection, HDMI output, component audio, plus video inputs with a couple of antenna posts. I’m not certain if the antenna ports are good for the digital era of TV.

As you can see from the attached photo, the Repoch comes with a very big and advanced remote control. You can also see that it is the picture of the Repoch is labeled as an “iV Recorder”. What does that mean? It can record things that are intra-venous? Maybe it is called that because it records information, hence the “I”. Then again, that is a small “I”, so perhaps it is iPod compatible? Clearly, I need to find out some more information about these particular gadget.

The Repoch is slated for a Japan-only release sometime around September 1st.


2 thoughts on “Sanyo Repoch DVR and iV Recorder”

  1. I think I know the answer

    this is a guess, but mine is that iV stands for “Interpolated Video”. If this is an HDMI compatible device, it has to pick up the HD quality, and depending on how well a tuner it is, it can pickup between 720 and 1080 in either P or i.

    i has a less, but cheaper quality of HD, while the p (Seen in most TVs in america, the i is more popular on the chinese and japanese cheaper models) is a higher quality definition setting.

    If its a cheaper device than a standard HD recorder, it may record the HD to i in order to either save space as i needs less compression than p or cheapen the device itself.

  2. Doesn’t internet start with an “I”, wouldn’t the next thing be to dvr streaming video content from the internet. I love my DVR and don’t do streaming internet video, because it is not yet consistant. I watch almost everyting that I watch after recording on DVR. Why not slow loading internet streaming video too. I am sure you could fast forward through whatever you didn’t want to watch, not to mention rewinding.

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