Nokia 3720 Classic is rugged


nokia-3720-classicNokia might be holding on to the largest market share for cellphones at time of publishing, but that doesn’t mean that their competitors are resting and remaining idle. In fact, with the iPhone’s release, Nokia’s market share has been declining steadily while other phones from HTC and now with the Palm Pre are slowly but surely catching up. Then again, Nokia does control most of the entry and mid-level handsets worldwide especially in emerging markets, but when it comes to rugged phones, Nokia has hardly played serious ball in this area to date. The Nokia 3720 Classic is the latest handset from the Finnish manufacturer, where it will be an IP-54 certified cellphone that was specially designed to resist water, dust and shock throughout its lifespan.

The Nokia 3720 Classic is greatly influenced by their own line of popular ‘rugged’ devices of the past, where it comes encased in durable materials. Not only that, it remains entirely sealed to make sure the inner electronics do not suffer from moisture problems or being drowned. The sealed, leak-proof design and durable materials used to create the chassis that comes in a range of colors. The battery cover itself will be locked using a screw, so those who suffer from sporadic “SIM card registration failed” problems might want to think twice (Nokia handsets do suffer from a number of those, depending on the make). Apart from that, Nokia phones are generally reliable all round, and you definitely won’t break your heart after dropping it on the floor for the first time by accident (it happens to virtually everyone, so don’t feel left out).

The Nokia 3720 is tipped to retail for around 125 Euros before subsidies or taxes, and it will most probably arrive in store shelves later this summer. Each purchase comes with exceptional battery performance, an LED flashlight, a microSD memory card slot, a 2.2″ LCD display and rugged design.

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