XCM Eye Candy Replacement Shell Kit for Nintendo DSi

by Ally


Those that enjoy seeing the inside of their gadgets are going to love this new kit for the Nintendo DSi.  It coats your DSi in a bright candy color and keeps things nice and clear.  It’s far more interesting than just slapping a skin on the outside and a little easier than attempting to create a clear case that will show the insides of it all on your own.

The kit comes in various colors, those being candy apple red, emerald green, electric blue, a completely clear shell and then a non-clear matte black and then a white one.  Not only is there a shell included, but color coordinated buttons to complete the transformation.  They also include the tools you’ll need to make the case your own and keep it customized to your tastes.  As far as putting the shell on all you’ll need is a screwdriver.  The shell will cost you $25.99 from Divineo.

Source: Technabob

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