The USB Spinning Hub

by Ally


Now you can own your very own mysterious box.  It just sits there, a square piece of plastic, not even appearing to be anything the slightest bit interesting.  After spinning the little box, it reveals a total of 4 USB ports that were previously concealed.  It’s a neat little trick, there’s not a ton of point behind it, but it keeps things interesting.  You could justify it by saying when the ports are tucked away it keeps them protected.  Of course the truth is that it give you something to fiddle with when you’re bored out of your mind at work.

The ports come in two different colors, you can purchase it in either the green or the orange.  Tragically there isn’t a plain black version, if they did, then you could have a mysterious black plastic box.  Of course the down side with this design is that the bulkier drives probably aren’t going to work with this.  The USB drives that have the normal shape will work just fine though.  You can purchase the hub for $12.

Source:  GeekyGadgets

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