Giant Grapples contolled by Tiny Wiimote

by Mark R

wiimote_controlled_15-tonne_grapple-480x265See the two gigantic yellow arms, with claws? Those are robot grapples, each with the power to lift 50 tons, and spin at 70 kilometers per hour (12 revolutions per minute).

I’m sure that control of these metal monsters must be difficult, but Simon Wittber from the Australian firm Transmin has greatly simplified it using a Wiimote for controls.

That’s right, the very device used to play WiiSports is now playing a new game! I have included a video of their demonstration that you can view after the jump, and it is something to see and hear.

Man, what I wouldn’t give to try this out. Of course, with great power, comes great responsibility. I realize that this cliché from Spider-man is getting worn out, but do you really want to take the blame for hurling a car into building with the accidental flick of a Wiimote? Just knowing that I had that power would be a real kick, though.

So maybe this Wiimote makes the work of grappling easier, but I have another use: Skill Crane. Yes, this Wiimote-powered grapple could be useful on a new type of game show where the contestant must sift through a pile of wrecked cars to get the real prize: a brand new car.

Of course, that new car would probably be smashed, wouldn’t it? Well, I still like the large skill crane idea.


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