Fast-Food Giving us Energy?

by Mark R

fast-food-logosThe fast-food industry gets a lot of flack these days. I feel sorry for them. It’s not easy to take the criticism from those who say that fast food is bad for you. These are the same people who probably eat it.

It would appear that two of the fast food corporate giants are finding a way to give back. Recently, McDonalds announced that it would install electric vehicle charging stations for electric cars. So, the next time you’re waiting in the drive thru for a Big Mac, you can charge up your electric car, assuming you have one.

Burger King is also doing something energy efficient with their drive thru. You know that speed bump that your car goes over? A BK plans to install one that harnesses the kinetic energy produced by the cars running over it. The speed-bump is the same technology used by the Supermarket Parking Lot that makes its own power.

It would appear that our Fast-food nations are giving something back. This reminds me of some information that I heard about Biofuels, and how the grease used for fast food could be used as fuel for automobiles. I never really saw much development on that, but that is another way fast food people can give more energy to consumers.

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Juergen Says: July 9, 2009 at 11:28 pm

By forcing cars to roll over bumps, you cause them to burn more fuel – so by “harvesting free energy” you’re really increasing pollution and fuel consumption.

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