Super Talent’s Pico Mini Flash Drives get more color

by Ally


These Pico Mini flash drives might not look like much, as far as flash drives go they’re definitely much more plain than some of the novelty drives.  However, they would get the job done, even if they aren’t made to look like some stuffed animal or random food.  Plus these are highly portable, the tiny drives would be easily to stashed away, but of course, equally easy to lose.

Super Talent released four new models of these flash drives, there is the 2GB Orchid Pink, 4GB Lime Green, 8GB Sky Blue and 16GB Classic Black drives.  These lightweight drives only weigh 2 grams and measure 32 x 15 x 3 mm.  Luckily there is a spot you could loop a keychain onto them, to make them a little more difficult to lose.  They are fairly affordable though, even if you do manage to lose one it won’t be too bad to replace it.  The 2GB will cost you $9.99, the 4GB $14.99, the 8GB $23.99 and the 16 GB will cost you $39.99.

Source: TechFresh

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