Panasonic target Middle East market with new TVs



The Middle East oil sheikhs and super rich monarchs are certainly pretty shrewd when it comes to investing, as their practically sitting atop gold mines of different colors, giving them acces to vast riches no thanks to the world’s ever growing craving for more fuel. Knowing that many people living in the Middle East do earn more than a comfortable salary, Panasonic has targeted that geographical area in their latest effort to push across another nine LCD and eight plasma high definition VIERA TVs. These new TVs, regardless of technology behind the screen, will offer a trio of distinct advantages for the consumer, including enhanced unique features like ‘Full-time Full HD’ and VIERA Image Viewer function for the playback of pictures and videos by SD card – something Panasonic proudly touts as the first in the world within a flat panel TV context.

This year’s VIERA models will come with the enhanced VIERA Image Viewer function, where it will be standard across all 2009 models. This allows consumers to plug in their SD memory card into the corresponding slot, having the ability to review what they’ve just shot on their digital cameras or camcorders on a huge display, and needless to say the image quality would be superb if you’re using a High Definition camera to record all that video, as the screen’s high resolution won’t do VGA-quality video any justice. As for Full-time Full HD, this unique development by Panasonic will see improved motion image performance, contrast and colour reproduction to deliver a new level of picture quality to consumers. Perfect for folks who enjoy both still and motion pictures, Full-time Full HD will provide razor-sharp motion images, an experience similar to that they enjoy at the cinema.

These new Panasonic panels are made in Japan, and boast a lifetime rating of up to 100,000 hours – that’s roughtly 30 years of viewing assuming you plant yourself in the couch for 8 hours a day, letting the TV feed you with shjow after show. Other features of these lead free panels include being a mere 1″ thin, boasting a wider viewing angle of 178 degrees.

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