Oregon Scientific’s Eco Clima Control Weather Station

by Ally


Weather stations are one of those gadgets that are always handy to have around.  You don’t have to watch the news to let you know the forecast for the day, instead you can just glance at this gadget.  With this though it even keeps you posted on the temperature and humidity indoors at various places throughout your home.  Which could come in handy in the winter to help you make sure that the whole house is staying plenty warm.

For within the home it gives the temperature and humidity for up to 4 different rooms.  It also has an LED backlight and a mold alert alarm.  In addition to that it’ll give the temperature and humidity of up to three different remote locations as well.  So you could have it let you know the temperature of places like your job or your children’s school.  The best part of this weather station is that it’s actually solar powered, so it won’t require any electricity to run.  You can purchase it for $119.

Source: Gearlog

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