Nintendo DS Didget helps diabetics


ds-didgetHow often do you see games actually help someone’s medical condition? Sure, the Wii and its waggle controls are definitely much more engaging than just fiddling with buttons on the TV’s remote control, but what if you’re diabetic? The Nintendo DS Didget is here to help, being a brand new peripheral ideal for folks who are hooked to the famous handheld console, and yet making the game fun for diabetics as measuring your blood glucose levels with it on a daily basis will help unlock in-game secrets to help you progress further along the game. It will work only with the DS Phat and DS Lite, since the DSi doesn’t come with the relevant Slot-2 to hold the DS Didget peripheral. The big question is this – what happens after the patient has completed the game, staying faithful to measuring his/her blood glucose levels? Will the sudden end in the game make them revert to their previous non-chalant attitude?

Source: Electricpig

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