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wearable-sensorAs a boss or owner of a large organizations, especially a factory, it can get pretty hard trying to run the operations at its optimum levels all the time. Well, good thing there is always technology to assist us, although I find it rather ironic that the smartest bunch of people on earth create devices and new methods to make living a whole lot easier, dumbing down the general populace in the process with devices that require less and less brain power to operate. DSS Co Ltd. from Japan, however, offers something to make us more efficient. This Japanese firm edits and processes digital maps based on survey data, and have already begun a service of recording the actions of factory workers for long hours and visualize them.

Of course, before it has enough data to play around with, it will require to mine such information, and mining will require the right tools. Some of the tools used for collecting the data include an ankle sensor that can be attached to the leg of a worker for recording his or her movement, while the other is a milestone that will see action throughout various places in the plant so that it is able to find out just how long workers remain in that area of the factory. Last but not least would be the small video camera that can be placed in the chest pocket of the worker to record his or her action(s). All of these will work together in tandem, where data of up to 30 workers can be collected at the same time. After three days’ worth of data, a special behavior analysis report can be yours for around two million yen (that is approximately $20,857), opening up your eyes to see just how many hours are spent by majority of the workers around the water cooler as they trade juicy company stories with one another.

No idea how much privacy intrusion can be calculated into this system, but we suppose it helps management make more calculated decisions when streamlining their processes.

Source: Tech On

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Dogboy49 Says: July 5, 2009 at 6:46 pm

Again, emphasis on ‘doing things right’ instead of ‘doing the right things’. Analyzing ever more detailed layers of data concerning employee’s behavior has limited payback. Better to harness all possible brainpower in the company toward figuring out better ways to do stuff. This is ’50’s technology run amuck.

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