Lotus USB Webcam with LED light

by Ally


This is definitely an overly female product, I’m pretty sure there aren’t many men that could stomach having this on their desk.  For that matter it would take a special breed of female to handle this bright pink flower webcam.  Likely the best candidates to have one of these are the girls that still play with Barbie dolls.  Which for the most part, that bunch is far too young to have a webcam.  However, if you are or know a female that would adore this webcam, it’s at an affordable price.

The webcam is hidden within the big pink flower and then in addition to that it has several LED lights, a total of 12 LED lights to be specific.  Both the light and webcam are on a flexible neck, so you can get the angle just right.  The light itself has a separate switch so you can turn it on and off.  You can also make sure that it won’t easily be knocked over thanks to the suction cup on the bottom of the webcam’s base.  You can purchase it for $24.69 from Uxsight.

Source: Gizmodiva

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