Let your Fingers Need the Waking

by Mark R

finger-dance-alarm-clockI’m sure anyone reading this blog has played Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). I’m sure that anyone who has played this game has discovered that it is not as easy as it looks, and moving feet to the beat can wear you out. No wonder why the arcade version of the game has guardrails!

I’ve seen a finger-sized version of DDR before, and generally designed as a USB-powered excuse for fidgeting. This would be the first time I have ever seen a finger-sized DDR attached to an alarm clock.

This is the type of alarm clock that gets your mind in “wake” mode by letting your fingers do the dancing. Yes, that alarm clock will simply not shut up unless your fingers touch the right lights.

Yeah, I would probably prefer something with a snooze button myself, but that is just me. I actually have a version of Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party for the Wii, and I don’t play it very often. I certainly wouldn’t play it with my fingers, even if it was tiny.

Well, if nothing else, this Finger Dance Alarm Clock is yet another way to wake up. Considering all the alarm clocks we have covered such as the Simon Alarm Clock, this one is just another one of our unique ones. It causes about £9.99 or $16.


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