Fashionably patterned earphones

by Ally


Women wear earrings anyway, so it would make sense that their earphones should look a little more feminine since those are in their ears a lot too.  These headphones vary in styles from the slightly punk, to even pretty dainty designs.  None of which really come off as stereotypical girly.  They don’t just slap a coat of pink on it and ship them off.  Some of the patterns would even work for guys that are into the punk look quite a bit.

The unfortunate thing is that these are coming out through a Japan company.  That means that it’s unlikely that those of us in the rest of the world will ever see them.  Some of the novelty Japan products will get picked up by vendors who sell Japanese products to those in the US and UK.  However, it seems like the somewhat useful ones don’t make it this way.  The earbuds, in Japan, are selling for about $21 a pair.  Which if it were in the US or UK would be a great price, but to have it shipped would end up costing a little too much for many people.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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