Warn PullzAll

by Mark R

pullzall-1When I first saw the Warn PullzAll, I thought that it was another version of the Rescue Reel. It would appear that the PullzAll doesn’t look like it was made for rappelling down buildings, but it could be used that way. In fact, it could be used for climbing up things.

As it is, the PullzAll can lift or pull 450 kg (1000 pounds) with a variable speed motor. According to the PullzAll web site, this is the ideal tool for anyone who needs something heavy moved such as “construction, pipe fitting, iron work, equipment and plant maintenance, farm and ranch use, auto shops, garages, machine shops, home improvement, hunting, camping, and more”.

The PullzAll comes in AC or DC powered styles, and it has 4.5 meters (15 feet) of 7/32 inch steel cable with an integrated swiveling anchor hook. The DC version runs on a 24 volt NiCad battery, and the AC versions are in 110V and 230V.

So if you’re tired of hauling heavy weight around, then this might be the product for you. I have been seeing a lot of discrepancies as far as price is concerned on this product. The $479.99 from the Warn website, and $279.00 for the AC model. Other offers from Amazon.com include $300 for the DC, and $220 for the AC.


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