Silverlit Heli-Mission

by Mark R

helimissionThis next product is for those who had those Stephen J. Channel TV-action dreams in the early eighties. I’m talking about The A-Team, The Greatest American Hero, even 21 Jump Street. The Silverlit Heli-Mission SWAT truck is a fully functioning RC car with a bonus inside.

Not only is this SWAT truck feature bells and whistles of sirens, but the roof opens up to reveal a helicopter inside. There is a launch platform that rises, and the chopper takes to the air!

One can only assume that the helicopter is as remote controlled as the truck itself. However, if you notice the YouTube clip after the jump, there doesn’t appear to be any footage of the helicopter landing back in the SWAT truck. You should definitely watch the clip anyway, for the music alone. You got to love those 80s action flick music.

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having this, back when I was in grade school. Have you ever noticed all the cool toys that they have out now that you are an adult? Ah, you’re only young once, and when you’re there, you better appreciate all the toys you have then, because they just get cooler when you grow up.

According to my source, the truck/helicopter combo will cost about $100, and should be available in the Fall.


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joe Says: July 16, 2009 at 10:42 am

The silverlit chopper MUST be R/C too considering the company’s products- they were at the forefront of the wave of micro RC heli’s a few years back.

And as far as landing it back in the truck? it just takes skills to pay those bills. After a few days of playing with these little choppers I was able to land a helicopter on a chess board about 30 feet away without knocking over a single piece (it has to land parallel to the rows of pawns)

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