NES Controller turned into iPhone 3GB Dock


Although normally gadget DIY projects are incredibly complicated and most people couldn’t dream of pulling it off, this is one that just about anyone could pull off.  That is provided you have the proper tools, probably a Dremel would be the best tool for this one.  If you already have an old NES controller and the Dremel this would be an incredibly affordable dock.  Which is nice since most Apple affiliated accessories tend to be a little bit expensive.

Just drill a hole and create a spot to stick the iPhone cable within the NES controller and you’d be done.  This one was created for an iPhone 3GS, but there’s no reason you couldn’t create it for a regular iPod instead.  This particular mod was done by an forum member, WCR.  As lacking as I am in the crafty area, even I don’t think this one would be a difficult one to try out.  It’d be especially great for someone that wants to start doing mods and just wants a simple project to start out with.

Source: Gearfuse

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  1. I apologize, but you must have misread that slightly, it says 3GS. Which does look a bit similar to 3GB. The 3GS is the latest and greatest iPhone model.

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