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mj-2_jpgI don’t believe that it has taken me this long to mention the death of a certain king of pop on this site. I guess I am still coping. All child-molesting charges aside, Michael Jackson was a musical icon and had a lot of talent.

I suppose the height of his popularity was the 1982 Thriller album. Every song on that album was in the top ten, and the album itself sold more than any of its time.

You might think this deal is some sort of sick marketing ploy to make some money after the death of a huge pop icon. I don’t think this was ever the reason why this 2GB USB drive was made, as it celebrates the 25th anniversary of Thriller, which would have been in 2007, not this year.

However, the timing feels a little weird, as the demand for MJ’s work is clearly going to spike. Yet who wouldn’t want Michael Jackson’s 25th anniversary edition of Thriller, which has the nine original hit songs, eight bonus tracks, and some video clips. Hopefully the video clips include the videos for Beat It, Billie Jean, and the long version of Thriller.

If you want to get down on this album/flash drive, feel free to head over to the Sony Style website and pay $19.99 for it. It is available in black or green.


4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson Flash Drive”

  1. What a very sad day mj was & always will be a true pioneer of great pop music. And love & peace to the jackson family michael is loved by us fans as well as you r.i.p. Michael jackson peace & love to the jackson family 🙁 tyrone williams.uk

  2. there is no doubt that Michael Jackson is the best ever pop music artist of the Centruy~.:

  3. Micahel Jackson would be the best pop idol of the centruy. Michael did a lot of stuffs in the music industry.;`

  4. i really love michael jackson ever since i was a very small kid,             

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