Hannspree unveils new 25″ LCD TV



When you mention Hannspree, what goes through your head? Most people would associate the brand name with relatively expensive LCD TVs and monitors when compared to other counterparts of a similar size/viewing area, but there’s a good reason behind the premium you pay – most, if not all, Hannspree LCD TVs and monitors come in zany designs that will appeal to various people, targeting children mostly with quirky and cute designs. Well, Hannspree is back in their element yet again with their latest release, the 25″ ST251MKB 1080p Full HD LCD TV which will hit the US market, retailing for a surprisingly affordable $399.99. Granted, having a screen size that measures 25″ across diagonally just won’t quite cut the mustard even when you’re watching a full High Definition movie since the display itself doesn’t have enough space to cram in all the pixels, but at least it could qualify as an impulse purchase device to surprise your kid or other half out of the blue.

The 25″ ST251MKB 1080p Full HD LCD TV will be part of the company’s first line of mainstream digital TVs that fall under the ST series. We can definitely look forward to larger models in the near future – sometime later this year to be exact. You won’t find funny or cute animal shapes cut out around the ST series LCD TVs’ bezel, that’s for sure, as it boasts a stunning all-black design with a glossy front bezel alongside a set of key performance features that aim to appeal to today’s value and budget-conscious consumers. Each purchase of a ST series TV will come with a 6 foot long HDMI cable and Universal Remote Control to further whet your appetite, saving you some precious dough from picking up a third party HDMI cable from another store elsewhere.

Some of the features found in the Hannspree ST series 1080p LCD TV include both HD and analog video inputs, allowing users to hook up just about any A/V device including over-the-air digital(HD) antenna, cable/satellite set-top box, Blu-ray disc/DVD player, gaming console, VCR (if you still have any of those that are working, that is), or camcorder. Alternatively, you can also use this TV as a large-format computer monitors, although we’re thinking it won’t be too environmentally friendly due to the amount of juice it consumes.

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