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energizerEnergizer is most famous for their line of alkaline batteries, but it makes perfect sense for the company to diversify their portfolio over the years since Game Boys that thrive on AA batteries won’t be around forever. Nice to know that the company has kept up with the times with their new range of innovative and creative portable power solutions for on-the-go consumers. This time round, a new line of Energizer Energi To Go branded rechargeable power packs and emergency charger products for a variety of mobile electronic devices have been introduced to further entice ordinary folks to part with their money.

Currently the Energi To Go line features the Energi To Go Portable Power for cellphones only, but will see an expansion in the family that will include rechargeable power packs which rely on lithium polymer battery technology to power a wide variety of mobile electronic devices, ranging from smartphones to cellphones, the iPhone, iPods, MP3 players, portable media players, GPS navigation systems, digital cameras, camcorders, netbooks and even notebooks. There will be over 10 new products that will be introduced around the US from July onwards, and here are some of them to whet your appetite.

Energizer Energi To Go XP, a line of portable power systems includes seven products that ranging in size and power from a 600 mAh wallet-sized charger
for cell phones to a 18,000 mAh charger that can power up to three devices at once, including a laptop computer.
Energizer Energi To Go AP, chargers designed to mimic the shape and styling of the iPhone(TM) giving users up to double the life.
Energizer Energi To Go SP, solar-driven power packs available in 1000 mAh and 2000 mAh options.

In addition, the new Energizer Power & Play Induction Charge System will allow avid gamers of the Nintendo Wii console to juice up a couple of Wiimotes without having to physically remove the remote sleeves, Wii Motion Plus add-on or lanyards for added convenience. This Energizer Induction Charge System relies on contactless charging so that you no longer need to fuss around with wires or battery packs, where a simple action of dropping the Wiimote into the cradle is required.

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