Baby Sshh Bee soothes little ones

baby-shh-beeBabies can’t talk, so they cry in order to communicate their needs to their parents. Of course, first time parents will go through plenty of trial and error before they figure out what cry means what, but here’s something that might help parents regain enough sleep (and sanity) with a newborn – the Baby Sshh Bee.

The Baby Sshh-Bee has been developed in collaboration with the Japan Acoustic Lab to create a toy that will help soothe your baby and stop them crying. The Baby Sshh comforts your baby by distracting them – the sounds and music it plays have a constantly changing tempo designed to make your baby curious. Your baby will be so busy trying to make sense of the wonderful noises coming out of their new toy that they’ll completely forget about crying. You activate the toy’s two different modes by pressing the buttons on the Bee’s face. Mode 1 plays scientifically developed melodies that constantly shift their tempo. It’s so effective that it distracted half of the office when we were testing it. Mode 2 plays some very silly noises indeed that trigger your youngster’s curiosity.

Apart from the couple of cracking audio modes, the toy itself features a squeaky tummy, dangly legs and crinkly wings to keep your little one occupied. Bear in mind that the £14.99 Baby SShh Bee works great only if your baby isn’t in genuine distress. If he/she is hungry, then feed him/her!