LED Color Changing Ice Bucket with Remote Control

by Ally


There are already plenty of forms of garden lighting, but now even your ice bucket can add a little mood lighting.  After all, why shouldn’t an ice bucket add to the atmosphere too?  Alright, so it is a little on the cheesy side of things.  However, it’s really no worse than a majority of the lights you find for sale that are meant to be outdoors in your garden area.  Plus, this does have a lot of customization features, so you can play down the cheesy factor.

It allows for you to change the color tone, the speed it changes colors and how brightly it shines.  So you can dim the lights at strategic points throughout the night.  It’s made of plastic and uses LED lights to give you the glow you see here.  It will work indoors or outdoors and is fully rechargeable.  To charge it back up again, just hook it up to the AC power adapter.  The ice bucket comes with a remote control and can be purchased for $67.69.

Source: GeekAlerts

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