Belkin’s Series of Comfort Mice


Typically when you go to grab for a portable mouse to use with your laptop, you’re staring down a very miniature item.  Even before grabbing it you know the hand cramp that is bound to follow if you have to use it for very long.  However, it’s better than nothing, so you tolerate it and grumble throughout your tasks on your laptop.  Even if you have gotten used to the discomfort, afterwards your hand usually looks the slightest bit deformed from trying to grip the tiny mouse.  Well Belkin has released a mouse that’s supposed to be quite a bit more comfortable.

Their series of Comfort Mice are at least making an attempt to get things going in the right direction.  These come in a few different versions, one is completely wireless, another uses Bluetooth and the last has a retractable cable.  With that many options you’re far more likely to find something that fits your needs well.  The retractable mouse is $20, the wireless is $30 and the most expensive of the three, Bluetooth, is priced at $50.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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