SmartFish Pro Motion Game Controller for healthy hands

by Ally


Usually gaming accessories are more worried about being the best design in order to get it so that you can play the game as best you can.  However, this controller from SmartFish has a different goal in mind, while still trying to keep the controller as normal as possible.  It is more worried about ergonomics and the health of your hands and wrists.  Which is good, since some gamers spend a great deal of time on their console and would be mortified if they had to give up their beloved games over something like carpal tunnel.

This is supposed to help you avoid hand fatigue by monitoring how you hold your controller.  It then makes adjustments as to how the controller is positioned to make sure that your hands are in a much healthier position.  It comes with a 5 year warranty and will work with either a Mac or a PC.  It comes with a guide and software to help you figure out this slightly more complex controller.  They don’t actually say how much this will be retailing for just yet.  However, as sophisticated as it is, it’s unlikely that it’ll be cheap.

Source: EverythingUSB

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