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Samsung Electronics aims to capture the headlines yet again with a brand new SATA-interface mini-card solid state drive (SSD) which is currently being sampled by some of its customers. In due time, when the SSD is ripe and ready for action, it will target the fast expanding netbook marketplace by offering an alternative storage upgrade solution compared to just using external hard drives, portable hard drives or basically a larger internal hard drive. This Samsung SATA mini-card SSD will help transform the mindset that SSDs are meant for just being a primary storage medium, but also to function as a complementary drive that will further boost the performance levels of PCs with dual drive capabilities.

What can you expect from this firebrand of a SSD? For starters, it will feature the mini-PCI Express (PCIe) form factor that comes complete with a SATA 3.0Gb/s interface, making this highly cost-efficient mini-card SSD approximately 20% the size of a standard 2.5″ hard drive. Leaps and advances made in the world of technology miniaturization has allowed the possibility of further increasing the storage capacity of compatible netbooks in addition to the SSD being used in numerous other devices including printers and various handheld terminals including ruggedized mobile devices.

Apart from using it as a primary storage solution, the SATA mini-card SSD form factor also enables it to function in a combination of the SSD as main memory and hard drive as supporting storage space. Hopefully such an approach will further expand the adoption of SSDs in a broader range of applications. Samsung engineers are currently hard at work to standardize the new mechanical form factor and its pin layout specifications at JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council), with the possibility of standardization to be reached sometime as early as Q3 later this year. Expect to bring home 16GB, 32GB and 64GB densities, where the new SSD drive will offer a sequential read rate of 200MB/s and sequential data rate of 100MB/s.

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