Viewsonic VFD820-12

514ejspg6fl_sl500_aa280_Viewsonic has been putting out a lot of cool products lately, and one of their most recent is the VFD820-12, an 8-inch digital photo frame.

I had a chance to try out this product for myself, and I didn’t find it any different than the GiiNii 8-inch Multimedia Digital Picture Frame that I currently have on my wall.

The operation is very simple on both of these products: just insert your SD card or flash drive memory stick, turn it on, and you already have everything you need for a slideshow. I don’t have much experience with digital picture frames, but I am guessing this is standard operation procedure for any electronic frame these days. The VFD820-12 has an internal memory of 2G, so you should have quite enough room for many, many pictures.

The VFD820-12 also has a “clock and calendar to keep you on schedule”, but I found it difficult to set the time from the menu. The controllers aren’t as easy as the GiiNii one, as it has all the buttons in a row rather than bunched together in an instinctive, almost iPod formation.

Yeah, I should probably stop comparing the VFD820-12 with that one form GiiNii. However, the one from Viewsonic has one very cool feature, an included glass screen that gives it a classy look. You should be able to purchase this Viewsonic frame on Amazon for about $79.99 in Black and Espresso color.


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  1. This is a pretty cool gadget, I don’t have a single digital picture frame yet, but I might just buy one. Price isn’t too bad on Amazon either.

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