Monkey Head USB Speaker

by Ally


If you’re on the lookout for speakers that are a little more fun to carry around with you, these would definitely qualify.  If the bright colors aren’t enough to classify them that way, the monkey head shape definitely lands them in that category.  Plus they’re small enough to make sure that you can toss them in a bag and keep one with you.  As cheap as they are, you could also have two to have one handy as a back up for when the other speaker runs out of juice.

The speakers are of course rechargeable and have a built-in Lithium Ion battery.  To charge them back up again, you’ll just need to plug them into a USB port.  They unfortunately don’t say how long that battery will last though.  You can purchase the speaker in the two colors you see here, yellow and orange.  Sorry, there are no subtle colors for those of you that try to stray from things that could be described as fluorescent.  You can purchase one for $10 from USB Geek.

Source: CraziestGadgets

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