Artmu Laptop Sleeve converts to mouse pad


Laptop sleeves really only have one function and that’s to protect your laptop from minor scrapes and bumps.  They just keep things padded on the off chance that you accidentally knock it into a wall or anything equally clumsy.  Beyond that, they just don’t do a whole lot.  Well this new sleeve makes an attempt to give your laptop case a little more function.  Instead of just tossing the case aside when you’re using your laptop, you could use it.  This Aving case unzips and opens up so that one side of it can be used as a mouse pad.

Of course it’s rare that most people would think they’d need a mouse pad.  Most of us have switched to an optical mouse and haven’t used a mouse with a ball in it for quite some time.  However, we’ve all had those moments when our mouse does not want to work on the surface we need it to.  Such as something that’s a little too reflective or has too much texture.  In those cases you would have this case handy and not have to worry about it.  You can purchase the cases in varying sizes and colors, the prices start out at $15.

Source: OhGizmo