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geosafariKids absolutely love making a din, and if your house has kids and it is too quiet for comfort, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re up to something. Why not get the GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab to augment their latent musical abilities? This device helps them learn more about sound and electronics without coming across as boring, offering up to 59 projects in total. The GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab will enable your little one to learn how to build various devices like a rhythmic sound generator, a digital voice recorder, an electronic parrot, a voice alarm and a voice changer among others.

All the components for these projects are permanently installed on the GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab; all your little ones will have to do is connect them in the proper sequence using the connection wires. The project guide will not only show them the order of the wires, but also explain how the different electronic parts (transistor, capacitor, resistor, etc) are actually working. Your kids will start with the GeoSafari Digital Recording Lab and learn so much they will quickly ease into a career designing layered sound effects for Skywalker Sound. Trust us.

Sounds (no pun intended) like $49.99 well spent, this!

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Ellie Says: January 27, 2011 at 6:54 pm

Exactly how many wires come with GeoSafari Digital
Recording Lab? Also, are there any other pieces. I saw a picture of a round silver piece.

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