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The Kaleidoscope Mangekyorooms Projector

by Ally

Most kids have played with a kaleidoscope, but most of us remember an extremely lo-tech version.  Well now kids have one more way that technology changes the toys their parents remember into something much bigger and much more complex.  Leaving the kaleidoscope of yesterday looking not nearly as cool.  With this instead of looking through a small opening and seeing the colors that way, you can project the image for more than one person to enjoy.


Not only does this project the image onto a wall, floor or the ceiling, but the image is customizable.  It comes with 7 small transparent disc shaped trays and then several colored beads.  That way you can combine the different shapes and colors to make your own kaleidoscope image.  If you don’t want the image projected, you can also make the colors show up on the dome of the lamp itself.  It comes with an AC adapter and has a 60 minute timer.  You can purchase the projector for 109,00€ or about $152.

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