Solid Alliance releases the Panda Skull USB Drive

by Ally


At first glance it appears that this is just a sweet little panda in the form of a USB drive.  However, after glancing back you start to notice there’s something slightly strange about the panda.  It’s actually a panda skull, sort of.  At least the mouth part is, as for the rest of the panda, it’s pretty much normal.  It’s not exactly the most cheerful USB drive out there.  However, if you’re on the lookout for something less than chipper, this is the USB drive to grab.

This Panda Skull USB Drive comes from Solid Alliance and is available in 6 different colors.  Those include white, blue, yellow, green, pink and black.  So at least you get a variety of options to choose from as far as color goes.  These only come in one size though and it’s not the largest out there.  It’s available with 2GB of storage.  Which is a bit on the shabby side when you consider that it’s going to cost you ¥ 3,900 or about $41.  It’s not exactly a bargain.

Source: GeekAlerts

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