Rocky III Flash Drives

by Mark R

rockyiiiI think I must be fated to report on this particular product, because my daughter is singing “Eye of the Tiger” on RockBand 2 as I am writing this. In case you don’t remember 1982 (Uncle Rico’s most and least favorite year), it was when Rocky III was dominating the box office, right beside E.T..

It would appear that Rocky III flash drives use the same technology as the Humping USB Dog that was circulating around gadget blogs a few years ago. Yeah, how else can you make Rocky, Apollo, and Clubber do sit ups? Too bad you can’t wipe that goofy smile off Apollo’s face.

Personally, I think that Rocky III was the best of the Rocky sexology (that’s a group of six films, not some sexual thing). That was the one where Rocky, who is essentially resting on his laurels, has to face his greatest foe, Clubber Lang (Mr. T). Rocky has to dig deep down inside to find his personal “Eye of the Tiger”, and he is trained by Apollo Creed, his opponent from the first two movies.

Well, if you are a huge diehard Rocky fan, then you should probably lay down about $30 each for these guys.


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