The Rechargeable Cordless 70-LED Video Light for amateur videos

by Ally


One issue with shooting things to be posted on the internet, is working out the lighting issues.  If you don’t get the lighting right, you can just about guarantee that you’ll have people instantly rushing to the comments to let you know about it.  If you’d like to improve the issue, Brando has a fairly affordable solution for that.  They have a light to attach to your camera, that will allow for your videos to look a little more professional than they already do.

Of course it can’t fix all of your issues, but a tripod and this will definitely help matters out.  There is of course no better way to get a great picture than to own a more expensive camera.  For the amateurs out there, after a little adjusting of this 70 LED light and you’ll have gotten rid of any harsh shadows.  You won’t have a cord to trip over either, since the camera is rechargeable.  The light just easily attaches to your camera’s hot shoe and you’re ready to shoot.  You can pick it up on Brando’s website for $60.

Source: Crunchgear

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Denny Says: July 2, 2009 at 7:29 pm

Great little gadget to have, i think.

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