Epson AP-60 Sound Enhancement System



Epson does not only dabble in projectors as well as a range of other consumer electronics, but they have recently introduced yet another device that ought to help the school system get its lessons across to students in a more effective method. The device in question would be the Epson AP-60 Sound Enhancement System that is touted to be “a first of its kind”, offering a “complete and fully-integrated K-12 classroom sound solution designed to engage students in active learning.” What does active learning consist of? Well, for starters, the Epson AP-60 functions as a revolutionary speaker system that was specially developed for the classroom, and is capable of delivering 360 degrees of sound. It doesn’t matter if you’re constructing a new school or retrofitting the installation with a ceiling mounted projector, the Epson AP-60 will fit in nicely. A high-quality infrared pendant microphone meant for teachers and students alike helps enhance vocal clarity and intelligibility in addition to amplifying from numerous classroom audio sources.

According to Heather Litus Johnston, product manager, K-12 Education Marketing, Epson America, Inc., “Many studies have revealed that when teachers are more clearly heard, the level of student engagement grows and lessons are more likely to be effective. The Epson AP-60 amplifies and projects teachers’ voices in order to make their speech more understandable to students, while decreasing the strain on teachers. Our sound system is also designed to be unobtrusive to the teacher while providing quality audio that can be heard clearly in all parts of the classroom.”

We’re pretty sure that parents would love to have something like this in their homes as kids these days don’t seem to hear when listening, or is it listening when hearing? Either way, communications is vital and it is hoped that this advancement by Epson will be able to help students do their best in the classroom.

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