New sander comes with attachments

by James


If you’ve ever had a kid in Cub Scouts, you know you spend a lot of time working with wood and sanding. But most electric sanders are little more than shakable irons which can’t get into corners or sand off edges with needed precision. But Skil’s Octo Sander comes with more attachments than Inspector Gadget, making precision sanding a reality.

The 120 volt Octo Sander’s eight attachments (thus the name) cover everything from corners to edges to bevels and everything in between, meaning that those routered wood projects can get sanded in even the more restrictive of areas. And with a 3 position nose, it means that the Octo Sander can sand in 24 different configurations.

Comes with 8 attachments, soft-grip handle, built-in light, dust canister, carrying bag and 32 sanding sheets.

Hat Tip – The Grid

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