The Philips Avent Dect Baby Monitor monitors more than baby

by Ally


If you’ve ever had that creepy feeling that someday robots will be mothering all of the children of the world, well then you really won’t like this new device.  It takes baby monitoring to the extreme and monitors more than just whether or not the baby is crying.  It also makes sure that the only thing you’ll be picking up is the sound of your child, it has a zero interference guarantee.  No only else will be able to pick up on what’s being played through the monitor either, since the connection is actually encrypted.

It’s definitely a gadget to pick up for the overly careful parent.  It monitors the humidity in the room and lets you know when it’s too dry in the room, which could irritate a child’s throat.  It also has a temperature sensor to make sure the baby stays comfortable.  The creepy part is that it has “specially selected lullabies” to help put the baby to sleep.  The only way they could weird me out further is if the lullabies turned on automatically at optimal moments.  The base unit also has a night light.  It features rechargeable batteries that last 24 hours and the device has a range of about 900ft.  You can purchase the device for anywhere from $150 on up to $200, just depending on what retailer you go to.

Source: OhGizmo

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