VibraLite 8 vibrating watch


vibralite8We know that we use watches to tell the time, but how many of us don’t have a decent cellphone to help keep track of our appointments as well as to-do list? For the rare few who fall into that category, here’s the VibraLite 8 vibrating watch to help you get started.

The Vibralite 8 Vibrating Watch has a large display, 8 alarm settings and Auto Reset Countdown Timer option that gives extensive combinations of variable and interval reminders. Eight Alarm Settings for preset reminders. Auto Reset Option Countdown Timer may be set for seconds, minutes, and hours for interval reminders…Use for reminders such as medication, medical conditions, meetings, timing presentations, tests, parking, and appointments.

Not too sure whether forking out $149.95 for this is well worth the price or not. What do you think?

Product Page via TRFJ

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