SkullyBoom speaker is meant for the active sort

by Ally


Not everyone wants a speaker to sit prettily and safely on their desk.  For those that are the active types, you might want something more durable.  Which is exactly what the creators of SkullyBoom are trying to do.  They wanted speakers that were portable, but in the event you wipe out on your skateboard, it’s not going to hurt the speakers.  Granted, you’ll need to get some kind of a durable case for your MP3 player too, but at least you know the speaker is safe.

SkullyBoom has a Lithium-ion battery that will run the speaker for up to 3-6 hours.  It has a primary loudspeaker, as well as a tweeter.  It’s also said to have surprising power, but then everyone likes to claim that their speaker is super powerful.  The main perk is that the speaker will stand up to the beatings it might receive while you’re out and about, goofing off with friends.  It’s not out just yet, the official release date is June of 2010 and it’ll cost $60 at that time.  However, if you pre-order now it’ll cost you $30 and you should be able to get it right around Christmas.  They’re looking for supporters so that they can mass produce these and keep them affordable.  So you could even put a small down payment on a speaker and they’ll give you a discount for later.

Source: Crunchgear

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