The Buffalo USB Hub with On/Off Switch


If you’re constantly unplugging USB cords, just to stop power being sent to it, you might want to check out this little hub with switches.  This would be an ideal item for anyone with a lot of novelty USB products.  While you need to concentrate, you could shut off your string of USB lights or some random dancing animal.  All the while never having to unplug it, so there will be no need to search for the end of the USB cord later when you want the item turned back on.

This Buffalo hub has a total of 4 different ports for all of your USB gadgets.  It also comes in a total of four different colors.  In addition to being able to be powered by the always obvious USB, there is an AC adapter, so you can also plug it into the wall.  It comes with four 1.5m USB cables.  It’s not a US product though, Buffalo will be releasing it into Japan as of mid-October.  When that happens the hub will be sold for 3,885 yen or about $39.

Source: SlipperyBrick