Tailgater to rock your world


tailgaterIf you’re a huge rock head who loves nothing but grooving to your favorite hard hitting tunes all day long, might we suggest something that is able to express your interest in the rock genre to its fullest potential? The Tailgater is a portable sound system that plays nice with your iPod, looking more like a stack amplifier than anything else.

It’s got a high-powered amplifier and speakers inside, and as well as the iPod dock, it sports extra inputs too. Extra inputs means you can plug in a mic for Karaoke (which comes included), a guitar for strumming along to your band’s best chops and licks. A battery indicator lets you know just how far you’re going to get through that Lynyrd Skynyrd solo before needing to recharge – and you also get to choose whether you want the Tailgater to charge up your iPod while you’re on the last riff. Tailgater makes an awesome PA system to rap out some beat poetry or even just call out bingo numbers.

A full battery is able to keep the £149.95 Tailgater going for up to 8 hours of non-stop rock – more than enough to last you through the night, we might add, much to the chagrin of the neighbors.

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